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Equipment and devices

Auto-ID Innovative Solutions


We offer devices to automatic identification, software, programs, WLan network infrastructure

We providing comprehensive customer support in the field of selection proper device, service or software
-New and used barcode scanners
-New and used mobile terminals
-Barcode printers, labels and accessories
-Touchscreens, rugged tablets with barcode scanners
-PCV printers and PCV printing technologies
-Measurements and projects of WLan Network
-Access points, WLAN controllers, antennas and necessary accessories
-1D and 2D Barcode verifier
-Software supporting auto-ID work


Service Centre

Professional service of Auto-ID equipment.

We deal with service of auto-ID equipment since 2002 year.

We have our independent service centre with a constant supply of spare parts available on site.

All repairs are being made systematically in our company by our very qualified team of service technicians with extensive practical and theoretical knowledge of many years of experience in the Auto-ID industry.

On special request, we are providing service also directly in a client company.

We provide comprehensive warranty and post-warranty repairs of mobile radio terminals, RFID terminals and readers, data collectors, forklift terminals, barcode readers, label printers (industrial and office), plastic card printers, WLan infrastructure etc.


About us

Who we are?

General-ID deals with sales, service, system and devices integration to automatic identification.

Our many years of experience and an unconventional approach to clients issues allows us to find optimal solutions which will reduce the costs and stay with the assumed functionality. Both devices and solutions we choose individually for each client - all depends on client needs.

We provide comprehensive customer service thanks to our Auto-ID Device Repair Center (including bar code readers, label printers, mobile terminals, data collectors, PVC card printers, price checkers, forklift terminals, etc.).

We are the direct importer of devices to automatic identification, spare parts and consumables which undoubtedly translates into the competitiveness of prices and services offered by our company.

All these assets collect into the happiness of our clients.

On our website, you will find only just a part of the devices which we can offer you.

Please contact our Sales Department - we will find the most proper solution for your company

What makes us diffrent

We are leaders in Auto-ID

More than 15 years on the Polish market

We offer devices to automatic identification (service, integration and system installation

Why our service?
Our independent service centre intended to compressive repairs
Very qualified team of service technicians with extensive practical and theoretical knowledge of many years of experience in the Auto-ID industry 
Spare parts on stock
Long term cooperation with producers and suppliers

Our Partners